Saturday, December 15, 2012

"The Haunting (Somewhere in time)"

(Bleach. May/December-ish romance. Reader/Ryuken Ishida).
I was actually pretty consistent with writing and updating this a while back. I stopped for a few weeks then added the latest chapter (8) and never quite picked it back up.

While I was working on chapter 9 though, my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. The outline, the topic sentences, I even had the chapter names planned perfectly but all that was lost. (This crash also affected my Yu gi oh fic "I wish I had your Angel"). I'm currently in the process of re-writing chapter 9.

I should have an update by January for FosFF (and Luna when the queue opens up again).

"I Wish I had your Angel"
(Yu gi oh. Love triangle between Mokuba/Reader/Seto).
This fic was also affected by my hard drive crashing. Though unlike my Bleach fic, it may have benefited from the crash. I feel like this was veering off from my original outline, even at the short 4 chapters. I can work out a new outline and try to get this thing back on course. Don't expect an update for this soon though, I really had a specific plot in mind that is difficult for me to put in words. If anyone wants to be a soundboard or Beta for this fic though, please contact me.

"Lost and Damned"
(Supernatural. Reader/Benny)
New! No posted on any site as of yet. Should be out by the end of the year.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fos-ff + Luna

One of the things that I missed about Fos-ff when I moved to Luna was the sense that I belonged to the community. As a member of Fos-ff since 2005, I felt like Fos-ff was my home on the internet. With Fos-ff passing hands a few times, the future of the site seemed bleak and though I wanted to believe that it would not go down, for a while it did. After about two months of no fanfiction, I made to the move to Lunaescence.  Under the new name Powerful Tenderness I started writing fanfiction again.

I wanted, and still want to be, part of the Lunaescence community (part of the reason why I started this blog in the first place). However, I never got that feeling and let this blog collect dust. So while I started this blog in an attempt to become a part of the Lunaescence community, I will use this blog to inform members of both Fos-ff and Lunaescence of what I'm writing, how I'm writing, and anything to do with fanfiction in general.

First step: I will put a link to my profile on both sites here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, I have two fics that I am actively writing at the moment.

The first is my Yu gi oh fic titled 'I wish I had your Angel'. Currently I have bits and pieces of scenes typed up but I am having some trouble with transitions. If any of you don't mind having the third chapter spoiled, I would love some input. I would ask that we do something over e-mail or some kind of messenger. A real back and forth kind of thing, not just "here's your mistakes. You can try X." and we're done. I really need someone to bounce ideas off of and unfortunately none of my RL friends are anime fans, much less Yu gi oh fans, and they certainly don't want to hear me talk about fan fiction.

The second is my Bleach fic titled 'The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)'. I have chapter six written down but I haven't made the effort to type it up yet. There are a few reasons for that but I'm not going to say for fear that I might spoil the story. I've gone through most of the story in my head and as I was imagining it, a few lemon-y parts were rather central to the plot. Unfortunately I have no experience writing lemons and I don't know about "practicing" (oh god, that sounds soo wrong!). Would anybody be willing to co-author (if that's what it's called) the fic with me and write out those scenes? I'm sure I can do the thing where other people are allowed to upload a chapter, so it'd be posted by you and everything. AND! You'd be privy to the plot! (I kinda really wanna just tell someone the omg factor). However, if that doesn't work out, I hope fans of the fic don't mind hints at coitus (lol, too much Big bang theory!).

Finally, I have a request.
I am back in a Naruto mood (at least for reading) and of course I miss my favorite character, Kisame. Now I know he isn't the most popular character out there, but I would love an Akatsuki free and fluffy-smiley-happy fic.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PT on Luna

Hi there Luna people!

This blog is for any events/things that have to do with Lunaescence.
As of 11/3/10 I've decided to become more active within the Luna community (part of the reason why I'm doing this blog).
To do so I resolved to review the fics that I read.
I'm also thinking about maybe asking whoever is in charge of the Luna guild on Gaiaonline to be a mod. For the guild of course. I am very active on Gaia (mostly role playing although I do post in the community forums whenever there is an event going on).
I've noticed that the guild on Gaia is very...dead. I'm hoping that if there was an active mod then there'd be more activity. I can be an active mod and although I've got no connections to the big players on Luna, I might be able to gather questions and suggestions and pass them on or something. I don't know exactly what else to do for the guild-to-site interaction but I'm still thinking on it.

Anyways, have a good day/night/afternoon! :)
Powerful Tenderness